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During World War II people were so worried about an invasion that children in school practiced wearing gas masks in case of an enemy attack. Vancouver Public Library Special Collections 44965


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The online version of the Encyclopedia of British Columbia (EBC) was first made available in 2001 and since then, it has been regularly updated. The EBC has proved a valuable resource for students and teachers throughout British Columbia. We are pleased to present this introductory teachers’ resource.

The Encyclopedia of British Columbia is a BC-written archive of all things British Columbian and an authoritative source of local knowledge. It allows students and teachers to explore the breadth and depth of contemporary British Columbia, as well as the province’s rich history. The EBC fills the need for a comprehensive reference on British Columbia, but also provides teachers with an unprecedented opportunity to integrate rich, BC-specific material into the classroom. It is easily accessible to students in the intermediate and secondary grades. It is well laid out and cross-referenced. The reading level of most articles makes them quite navigable for good readers. The BC Ministry of Education has recognized the EBC’s importance as a learning resource through a licensing agreement that has made the EBC available to schools throughout British Columbia.

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While the examples given are for Science K – 7, Grade 8 Science, Social Studies 4 and 5, Social Studies 10, Social Studies 11, BC First Nations Studies 12, and Civic Studies 11, there are many other curriculum subjects with BC content including: Earth Science 11, Geology 12, Geography 12, 9, 10 and Sustainable Resources 11 and 12.

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